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Gammelgaard, Herlev m. Eva Koch og Jette Gejl

11. sept. – 28. nov. 2021

Billboard Festival Istanbul 2020


5. okt. – 18. okt. 2020

LOKALE – reflecting the street – still from videowork 2020

Exchanging a work with HÅND OG HOVED – the local carpenter.

Exchanging a work with HÅND OG HOVED – the local carpenter.

MAKING REPLICA – the exchange work


Great news in a complicated time: The entire team behind LOKALE is exited and proud to have received support from The Danish Art Council to build an exhibition platform.

We are full of gratitude and we can’t wait to challenge you with exhibitions, conversations, collaborations and workshops locally in Griffenfeldsgade, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

150 x 305 cm
“BYENS EGNE VEJE”, KUNST I SKÆRBÆK – etape 3. SKÆRBÆK, DK. Curated by Cai Ulrich von Platen.

In Skærbæk world art was created. The Scherrebek/Skærbæk tapestries became the beginning of the 20th century textile art and they are still to this day seen as one of the symbols of the european Jugendstyle, or Art Nouveau. Some of the famous artists such as Eckmann and van de Velde provided motives for the tapestries. However, it was a brief greatness that lasted from 1896 – 1903. Afterwards there was a dedicated woman in Skærbæk who woven until the reunion. Today you can find the tapestries at the museums in Tønder, Flensburg and Dresden.

Mette Gitz-Johansen has 4 different large aluprints as paraphrases – reinterpretations of several of the famous Skærbæk tapestries mounted on masonry and buildings both in “Mellemrummet” and in “Skolegade”. In addition, a sculptural work acts as a window exhibition in a store in Storegade.


DRAWING ATTENTION is an exhibition with its finger on the pulse of drawing today – a fresh take on the current revitalisation of drawing as an independent field of art with unique tactile qualities. With an unabashed dedication to the analogue, drawing forms the basis and conceptual focus of DRAWING ATTENTION. The exhibition has been created by the artists’ association Den Frie Udstilling, headed by artists Maria Finn and Peter Holst Henckel as curators. In addition to the association’s own artists, some of Denmark’s leading figures in the field have been invited to participate with works based on drawing in the widest possible sense of the term.

Whereas in the past drawing was a natural, technical point of departure for every young painter, graphic artist or sculptor, it is no longer a necessary discipline in the arts. Despite which, drawing continues to be a medium embraced by artists of every generation. During recent decades, the bodily and analogue have lost ground to touchscreens, digital technologies, and wireless communication, which might explain the revival of interest in more traditional techniques and media, and a growing appreciation of their tactile qualities. This is highly apparent in current contemporary art – perhaps as a backlash against the rampant digitalisation of society today. DRAWING ATTENTION delves into this shift, exploring drawing as an independent medium in its own right.

280 x 280 cm
drawing – pencil and colorpencil on paper


The Solidarity Salon was curated by the group “Efterkommere” (Descendants) in connection with their exhibition Taletid at Rønnebæksholm. 100 women were invited to the exhibition, which began with a performative suspension.

DISSECTING BIRDS 2019 – 40 x 40 cm – photoprint


Mette Gitz-Johansens contribution to the exhibition include the video “Green”, which, based on footage from the Umayad Mosque in Damascus, shows intensely awareness and a committed community around a place and at the same time the feeling of being cut off from real insight as the outside observer.

In addition, the timeliness of the war – the experience of loss and getting lost – is a reference for both a larger pencil drawing on cardboard and a series of photographs.

Honoured to recieve the C.W. Eckersberg Medal from the The Academy Counsil​ and Her Majesty The Queen

KAMMER 2016 – Commision work – video installation for The University of Copenhagen’s South Campus – Mediamesh / 174 x 324 px2 /12,4 x 7,4 m. / 60 min.

KAMMER – the book

Preface: Malene Vest Hansen

Text & photo: Mette Gitz-Johansen

Performer: Piet Gitz-Johansen

Translation: Helen Hemsley

Design: Pulsk Ravn

Print: Narayana Press

Edition: 1000

ISBN 978-87-982909-3-3